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Are those crack pipes?

December 02, 2010|By Imperial Valley Press Staff

I asked my son what do they sell at the new tobacco store here in Brawley that they do not sell at a place like 7-Eleven or wherever they sell cigarettes? He said they sell legal smoke pipes for crack. Is this correct? — Concerned Parent, Brawley

The I.V. Tobacco Shop in Brawley does not sell legal smoke pipes for crack … technically.
The tobacco shop and other tobacco shops and other assorted stores in the Valley do sell legal pipes for smoking tobacco, according to Brawley police Cmdr. Brett Houser.
He said he is aware of this store and what it sells.   
Even clear glass pipes commonly used to smoke crack cocaine or methamphetamine are cleared to be sold as tobacco pipes, he said.
Houser said it is what people do with those pipes that then becomes illegal. Selling them is not.
Although police know what the pipes are really used for, they don’t treat the business or those coming and going from it any differently.
Houser said there is no heightened awareness by the department that comes from having such a business in the area. He said they are legal business with a business license.

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