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Where can I report low-income housing fraud in Brawley?

December 22, 2010|Imperial Valley Press Staff
  • Business hours at the Imperial Valley Housing Authority are displayed on its front door in March.

Where can I report low-income housing fraud in Brawley? I know a couple who are staying in an apartment that is supposed to be for low-income families and the husband/boyfriend has a well-paying job. I have also heard that the woman did not list the boyfriend as a resident and this is how they are getting away with it? — Nosey Neighbor, Brawley
There are many low-income housing complexes in the city of Brawley, but considering the Imperial Valley Housing Authority has a hand in managing more than 600 of them, chances are the letter writer is referring to one of its.
We spoke with Imperial Valley Housing Authority Executive Director Andrea Roark about these allegations. But because there was no specific information, we spoke in generalities.
She said if a complaint comes forward alleging income reporting fraud, she said the first step would be to send the resident a letter asking for verification on where the person who is alleged to not live there actually lives. That would be done by requiring proof of where the person reports they live to their employer and things such as rent receipts.
A person can report any suspicion of fraud by calling the Housing Authority office and leaving an anonymous message, either by giving the name of the person who lives in the unit or the unit’s address. Call 760-351-7000.
We asked Roark how income is verified in the first place. She said proof of social service assistance, check stubs and bank accounts are required. She said the unit is federally subsidized, then there is a nationwide verification system.

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