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How can student make CD for project?


I need to create a music CD that combines parts of different songs into one long piece of music. I put together several parts of music from different decades for a school project. Where would I be able to find someone who could help me with that here in the Valley? — Local Student, Imperial

We were actually surprised to get this question. With this generation of technologically advanced kids, this is something the letter writer should be able to do with their home computer, a CD burner and an Internet connection.
But, in case the writer doesn’t have any of those things, we spoke with Benny Ordoña at Clark Baker Music in El Centro, who said there are at least five reputable DJ services that can do such a thing advertising with business cards on the music store’s bulletin board.
So, head on down to Main Street and check out the selection.
Now, we’re no computer ace or DJ, but to go back to our original point, as long as you have a CD burner on your computer, you should be able to do this at home. Most people these days have an iPod, which has to have an iTunes to work. iTunes has playlist and CD creation capabilities, but there are also settings within it to fade the music or eliminate the pauses. Just consult the help menu.
The same thing with other easy CD creation software like Roxio or Nero. Go to the help menu and look up how to do it.
YouTube also has streaming video tutorials of everything under the sun, so we imagine this would be available, too.
As for the music, Ordoña cautioned about the use of copyrighted music to create this CD, but since the writer said this is for a school project, the writer is protected by fair use laws as they pertain to copyrighted content.
Fair use is a doctrine in U.S. copyright law that allows limited use of copyrighted material without permission from the rights holders for the use in, for example, commentary, criticism, news reporting, research (the letter writer’s function), teaching and library archiving.

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