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Voice: Board violated Brown Act

August 03, 2011|By MARTHA FERNANDEZ GUTIERREZ and ANNETTE GONZALES-BUTTNER | WMJH school site council president and WMJH school site council vice president

I as well as other William Moreno Junior High parents read the article printed Friday, which states that our Calexico Unified School District board violated the Brown Act. In researching the statement made by your reporter, I read the Brown Act and based on the information provided, the board violated article No. 54952.2, which states: any gathering of a quorum of a legislative body to discuss or transact business under the body’s jurisdiction; serial meetings are prohibited.

Now we understand why our request to keep Lanuza at William Moreno Junior High was ignored. The board and superintendent were predisposed by information provided in the serial meetings to remove him. According to the board president, he is being placed at Rockwood School to prove himself and that he would have her full support along with (interim Superintendent Richard) Fragale’s.

Why at Rockwood and not at William Moreno?

Mrs. Sanchez does not have experience at the secondary level, therefore she should be sent to Rockwood School for her area of expertise is at the elementary school level. The board did not have justification to remove our principal. All it had were petty accusations from a few staff members.

We were baffled that all other requests to keep their administrator on site were granted except ours, including requests from Jefferson parents and teachers to keep their school intact.

This involves moving a whole school across town and it was approved, but our simple request to keep our principal was denied? It did not make sense but now we know why; due to the serial meetings the board and superintendent had made up their minds not to grant us our request.

Therefore, based on the Brown Act violation the CUSD board appears to have committed, we demand a special board meeting be held as soon as possible, in order to correct the violation by reversing decision to transfer Lanuza out of WMJH to Rockwood School.

William Moreno Junior High parents are irritated and will not allow CUSD school board members and the superintendent to ignore us.

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