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No action for Barbara Worth's Country Club water rate revision

January 10, 2012|By ALEJANDRO DAVILA | Staff Writer

HOLTVILLE — There was no action taken on a request some Barbara Worth’s Country Club residents made to the city in regard to their water rates.

Last month, some 25 county club residents signed a petition to the City Council asking for rates to be lowered, as the city charges customers double to all those receiving services outside the city’s limits.

During that meeting, Barbara Worth’s owner Kevin Smith asked about the actual cost of water delivery to the country club. In response, Mayor Jerry Brittsan noted that it is more costly to provide services outside the city’s limit, but also asked for time to review the issue.

On Monday, the item was placed under informational portion of the agenda, with no action asked from the City Council.

The rates should be double, said Smith before the meeting, “but every month it’s been different.”

Upon a four-month-long analysis, Smith said, the country club owners found they pay more than the double rates sometimes. “We don’t know why they go up or down,” he said.

“It’s legal in state law,” said City Manager Alex Meyerhoff referring to the double rates. Double rates are charged in other districts as well, and placed on those that receive services outside municipal boundaries, he said.

Also, for a water rate structure to change a water rate study is required, Meyerhoff said, and that wasn’t anticipated in the budget. “My recommendation is the council take no action on this request.”

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