Viewpoint: Easter is joyous time for columnist

April 10, 2012|Dora DePaoli

Easter is a wonderful time for Christians. For the early Christians it was a time of weeping by the tomb of Jesus until he rose from the dead, and he revealed himself to his followers.

Mary Magdalene was one of them. She served him, loved him and now mourned him. When he arose from the dead her sorrow, and our sorrow, turned to joy with his victory over the grave.

We gladly shout with all believers: Alleluia! Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!

There was a big turnout for Easter services at our church, and most other churches, and sunrise services around the county. During our church service we were blessed to have a baptism.

The church was filled with enthusiastic, happy children. All were well behaved and nicely dressed as they sat through the lengthy service which also included communion. The thought of the Easter egg hunt following services was probably uppermost in their minds.

Sometimes I think I would be better off if I sat on the first or second pew at church. The many children in our church are an entertaining distraction.

A small boy who was being held in his father’s protective arms was especially entertaining on Sunday. He played with his father’s left ear until he finally fell into an exhaustive sleep. I think my husband and I could have saved a lot of money buying toys when our children were young if our ears had been as much fun for them.

One preschool cutie sitting in the pew behind me was tracing a design on my blouse with his little fingers. When I tried to catch his hand he quickly pulled away. After a bit he would start retracing the design. I was never quick enough to catch his hand.

After church we enjoyed a family potluck at the home of my niece, Becky. It was so warm outdoors that many of the guests took advantage of the swimming pool.

After feasting on dips and chips, fruit platters and brisket and ham, green beans, potatoes and a chili-cheese casserole and salad, we topped things off with dessert. I thought I might need to call for a stomach pump.

The highpoint of the afternoon was the Easter egg hunt. The children were so intent on searching for eggs and other treats that they didn’t notice the arrival of the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny seemed a bit tired from all the stops he had made. His hopping wasn’t too enthusiastic as he made his way around the yard.

After visiting with the children he made his way to Brad, the boyfriend of my great-niece, Talia, and gave him a small, beautifully-wrapped gift. Brad handed the gift to Talia, who had a puzzled look on her face. The puzzled look quickly gave way to tears as she opened the box and spotted the most beautiful engagement ring I have ever seen. How thoughtful of Brad to let the family share a part of this special moment.

Although not quite as spectacular as receiving a diamond ring, Debbie Fjeldsted, of Holtville, was unexpectedly invited to visit Disneyland over Easter weekend. Since she had never missed going to church on Easter, and was determined to get to sing “Jesus Christ is Risen Today,” she checked the Orange County yellow pages for the closest Lutheran church, and took a cab there.

Imagine her surprise when she checked out the bulletin at Zion Lutheran Church and saw the name of childhood friend Teri Ponton Loyo, a former Holtville resident.

She asked one of the women at the church about Teri, and was told she lives across the street from the church, but was not there that day. Although that was disappointing, she got to see Teri’s charming home, and now knows where Teri worships, and served as church secretary for many years.


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