Verizon's 4G LTE network up and running in the Imperial Valley?

March 30, 2013|By ALEXIS RANGEL | Staff Writer

Juan Ruan, a business owner from Los Angeles who conducts business in the Valley, said the 4G network allows him to conduct business a lot more smoothly.

According to Ruan, emails get to clients faster and documents are sent to his customers through his mobile device with practically no waiting time, Ruan said.

If the Valley is now a 4G-capable community, that is good, he said.

Verizon subscribers across the Valley reported they were receiving the 4G LTE network for the first time on their mobile devices in certain areas throughout Imperial Valley on Thursday.

Local business telecommuting or conducting business entirely from their mobile device will benefit from faster speeds.

Currently mobile carriers in the Imperial Valley run on the 3G network or slower. However, Verizon would be the first to roll out 4G LTE to the bulk of the Valley. With 4G, download and upload speeds can be anywhere from three to 10 times faster.

The term 4G LTE stands for “fourth generation long-term evolution,” and at present is among the best mobile technology available for wireless devices.

As of Thursday, though, there was still a question as to whether the Valley really had full 4G or not. There were conflicting answers from Verizon employees.

Local store manager Dolores Calderon at Verizon Wireless in El Centro said the network was up and running. Calderon said she could make no further comment.

However, Ken Muche, the Southern California spokesman for Verizon Wireless said he was unaware of any 4G LTE network going up in our area. Moreover, Muche went on to say Verizon does not preannounce when new technology will be available in any specific areas.

“Typically what we do before we activate the 4G network in a new market is we began preparing for the market launch. We begin by activating the towers. Tower by tower we test the service. We want to check to make sure everything is working. This typically happens the weeks leading up to the 4G LTE network being launched. That could be what customers in the Imperial Valley may be experiencing,” said Scott Charleston, public relations representative for Verizon Wireless.

Eric Swain, owner of ES Technical Solutions in El Centro, said faster mobile broadband has a lot of possible uses in the Valley from education to e-commerce and os-commerce.

“Students will now be able to take online classes without being tied into a LAN line or over Wi-Fi. A person who runs a booth at a farmers market can now offer mobile payment processing with apps like Square or PayPal Pay Here. Farm supervisors can connect directly from the field and transmit produce and employment data directly to the company’s server cutting down on transmission and turn-around time,” Swain said.

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