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Centinela State Prison

By SILVIO J. PANTA, Staff Writer | April 13, 2009
SEELEY ? A 28-year-old Latino inmate at Centinela State Prison suffered serious injuries Monday during a stabbing attack at the prison?s Facility C building, a spokesman said. The inmate, who is serving a 28-years-to-life sentence for second-degree murder, was first treated in the infirmary before he was taken to an area near Brown Road outside of the prison to be loaded into a helicopter, said Administrative Lt. Richard Dubbe. The inmate, who Dubbe declined to identify, was flown to a San Diego-area hospital.
By SHARON BROOKS BROWN | Loranger, La | December 31, 2010
I am sending this letter to you in hopes of letting those who have loved ones incarcerated know that they should be very careful dealing with prisons not returning an inmate’s package to the vendor from which it came if the inmate is not there to accept the package. Since July 2010 I have been corresponding with Access SecuredPak, a vendor that Centinela State Prison in Imperial (County) uses for their housed inmates to shop in regards to my son’s package I ordered for him. The package arrived at the prison; however my son had been pulled out and sent the men’s central county jail in Los Angeles.
By JONATHAN DALE, Staff Writer | October 11, 2007
An inmate from Centinela State Prison was pronounced dead at El Centro Regional Medical Center on Sunday of as-yet-unknown causes. The 32-year-old Hispanic man, whose name is being withheld by prison staff for the time being, collapsed Wednesday afternoon in Facility E, Centinela public information officer Richard Dubbe said. ?There were no obvious signs of trauma, no bleeding or anything like that,? Dubbe said. ?They took him to our hospital inside the prison and checked him out,?
By SILVIO J. PANTA, Staff Writer | December 23, 2007
The sight of a little girl eagerly waiting for a new bicycle at the Imperial County Probation Department a year ago was a memory Wilfred Real relished. Click here for video. The tyke, whose name Real couldn?t recall, finally heard her name called and bolted for the one bike she eyeballed the whole time during the annual Bike for Kids Program. Real, a vocational instructor at Centinela State Prison, where the free bikes are refurbished, said such moments make the holiday event worthwhile to participate in again.
By JONATHAN ATHENS, Staff Writer | March 17, 2007
California?s top prison official is scheduled Thursday to tour Centinela State Prison and to discuss Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger?s ambitious plans to overhaul the state?s overcrowded prison system. For Centinela, those plans include a $108.2 million fix that would add 590 inmates to that prison?s population, which is already more than twice the size of what it was designed to accommodate. State Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Secretary James E. Tilton is slated to take a tour of the prison and will meet with Warden Victor Almager.
By MARIO RENTER√ćA | May 16, 2002
Staff Writer SEELEY ? A riot involving around 373 Centinela State Prison inmates left 12 inmates wounded, two with puncture wounds and one with a head injury. A correctional officer also received minor injuries. He was treated for pepper spray inhalation. The entire prison remained under a modified program this morning, a form of lockdown that does allow some inmates to continue with their work details. The riot broke out at 7:15 p.m. Tuesday in the recreational yard of one of the modules.
November 26, 2003
Centinela prison melee By DARREN SIMON , Staff Writer More than 60 inmates at Centinela State Prison were involved in a melee Tuesday that left one inmate with a slash wound to his head and another with several minor puncture wounds. While correctional officers were not assaulted, some suffered minor injuries in trying to stop the violent outbreak. There were two uprisings that occurred in a matter of minutes. Both cases were in the same facility, but one occurred in the yard and the other in the gymnasium.
By SILVIO J. PANTA, Staff Writer | May 16, 2009
A correctional officer and a registered nurse at Centinela State Prison were recognized Thursday for bravery by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Officer Manuel E. Ibarra Jr. and Nelia Salcido received a gold star and a silver star, respectively, for actions above and beyond ?the normal demands of correctional service,? according to a press statement. The awards were presented by CDCR Secretary Matthew Cate during the 25th annual Medal of Valor Ceremony in Sacramento.
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