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By LAURA GONZALEZ | Multimedia Producer | May 5, 2012
HOLTVILLE - “Do you want me to talk?” Imperial County Deputy District Attorney Deborah Owen asked host John Moreno. “No,” he said. “I want you to start dancing.” With that sentence uttered by host and Calexico City Councilman John Moreno, the fifth annual Dancing with the Stars Gala on Friday at Barbara Worth Country Club began. The event is hosted by the Imperial Valley Regional Occupational Program and has the purpose of raising funds to offer scholarships to high school students in the Valley, said coordinator Jennifer Paez.
By ALEJANDRO DAVILA | Staff Writer | March 6, 2012
HEBER - “For the love of art and Mexico,” resident Rosa Castro decided to volunteer her time and teach a Mexican folklore dance club at Dogwood Elementary School here. Castro, also a teacher assistant for the school, pitched the idea to Principal Dawn Ponce late last year and she didn't hesitate to agree. “I thought it would be nice that kids learn folklore,” Castro said in Spanish. Since then Castro and Belia Lara have been practicing Mexican dance with a dozen third-graders twice a week after school.
By CHELCEY ADAMI | Imperial Valley Press Staff Writer | January 20, 2012
CALEXICO - Young girls' smiles were wide, arms graceful and steps careful as William Moreno Junior High's new dance troupe practiced a routine this week in newly donated dance gear. The fledgling dance troupe has 10 members ranging between seventh and eighth grade. They were both surprised and excited to receive matching tank tops and skirts for performance as well as shirts to practice in this week from the nonprofit organization Save the Dance. “I felt happy, because we didn't have a wardrobe,” Sandra Karina Olmos, 12, said.
By JOSELITO N. VILLERO | Imperial Valley Press Staff Photographer | January 18, 2012
Six community leaders selected to a dance competition, dance instructors and judges took notes as coordinator Jennifer Paez reviewed the official competition rules for the fifth annual Dancing with the Stars Gala, in a classroom at Imperial Valley Regional Occupational Program in El Centro on Tuesday. Paez explained the judging criteria as timing, posture, power, presentation, costume and overall performance. The dance competition will take place May 4 at Barbara Worth Country Club Resort in Holtville.
By ROMAN FLORES | Imperial Valley Press Staff Writer | November 4, 2011
The Southwest Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts Dance students will once again hold their annual fall dance camp Saturday. School-aged children from various dance skill levels are encouraged to come learn hip-hop/jazz and lyrical/ballet styles of dance from the SAVAPA students and their director Jessica Brooks, she said. Brooks offered a few reason to bring your dancing shoes to the Southwest High School gym on Saturday. 1 - “(Dance camp students) get great dance instruction from the best and brightest in the Valley,” Brooks said.
Bret Kofford | October 5, 2011
A young person recently asked if I was proud of my accomplishments. I laughed. “Like what?” I asked. He said I had been the editor at a daily newspaper, been a newspaper columnist, taught at a university, won various awards and optioned a couple screenplays. That, he said, is a lot. Basically, I responded, I'm not proud of such stuff. I know me. I'm shiftless and of moderate talent and intelligence. I've failed frequently, been rejected regularly. If anything I'm stupidly persistent and stupidly fearless, I added, which sometimes has worked in my favor.
By ROMAN FLORES | Imperial Valley Press Staff Writer | September 21, 2011
Since the club's inception five years ago the club has blossomed with more than 180 participants and more joining each day, said club adviser and SHS teacher Lluvia Ramirez. “We started with about 40 kids and the dedication just started growing and growing,” Ramirez said after regular practice. Ramirez said she tries to target students who aren't involved in various other activities in order to get them motivated in dancing, which in turn will motivate them to academically perform, she said.
By CHELCEY ADAMI | August 19, 2011
This isn't your basic Bunny Hop, Turkey Trot or Funky Chicken. Party animals ages 16 and up are invited to join in on the Electrik Humanity fundraiser for the Humane Society on Saturday sin El Centro. For more information see today's print or E-edition of the Imperial Valley Press.
Flowers, colorful necklaces and Hawaiian skirts are the preamble for a fun Monday afternoon. Little girls ages 3 to 6 dress up in Hawaiian outfits for the Polynesian dance class at the Calexico Community Center. The little girls in hula skirts stay busy with appearances. They danced on the stage during a Fun Family Fridays event last week and on Saturday went to Mexicali to appear on a television show. The little girls are affectionate toward their instructor Alejandra Vargas.
By SILVIO J. PANTA | Staff Writer | July 17, 2011
Long after seeing the much-ballyhooed finale of the Harry Potter film series, 11-year-old Tori Hunt and her cohorts inside the Imperial Valley Mall were in such high spirits they didn't get much sleep late Friday. But was the youthful El Centro resident exhausted from her sleepover inside the mall with 25 other Imperial Valley Girl Scouts? “No, because I slept all day,” Tori said about the scant hours she actually spent catching some shut-eye Saturday morning before telling her friends, “Yeah, let's dance!
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