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July 10, 2008
QUESTION: I recently attended an El Centro Imperials game at Stark Field and couldn?t help but admire the condition of the field. In all the years that I have played and seen the field at Stark, it was in very nice shape. My question is, if the city is willing to improve Stark Field for an out-of-town team, then why can?t the same be done for the Little Leaguers that play at Frasier Field on the east side of town? I?m all for having a semi-pro team play in El Centro, and the experience is beneficial for the city, but the kids of El Centro play on fields that are poor condition and the lighting is horrible.
August 21, 2007
090 LEGAL ADS SOUTH| Public Notice The City of El Centro will begin road construction improvements taking place within the surrounding areas of Lincoln Elementary School. Granite Construction Company will begin work on August 20th and continue through September 21st. Traffic will be delayed during this process. The following roads will be affected: ? 12th Street n from Commercial Avenue to Adams Avenue ? Park Avenue n from 12th Street to Wilson Avenue ?
By Brad Jennings | April 10, 2007
One year. I can hardly believe it, but I started work at the Imperial Valley Press one year ago today. Does it seem like it?s been a year already? To some of you, it might seem more like a decade, or even a lifetime. Well, as far as I?m concerned we are still in our honeymoon period, you and me. We are still getting to know each other. I must say it has been a great year. I really do love my job, and I?m not just sucking up to you, the readers, or my boss. I think this is a great newspaper, and I think we are continuing to improve.
By BRIANNA LUSK,Staff Writer | June 29, 2006
CALIPATRIA ? In the scorching desert, Luz Marie Allen?s attributes her lush lawn to her special touch. Even on a blazing summer day, Allen?s flowers that border the living room window bloom shades of violet and rose. ?My husband used to say if I touched a rock, it would turn green,? Allen said. Allen was among three residents recognized by the beautification committee here for the efforts put into their homes? curbside appeal. The second annual award, chosen by the city police and fire departments, members of the City Council and the community, applauds homeowners for eye-catching yards.
By ERIC GALVAN, Staff Writer | May 5, 2006
For as long as I can remember I?ve been fascinated with baseball fields. There?s just something about the idea of taking an area of land, grooming it just perfectly, caring for it like you would a child and nurturing it into something that is so serene and so beautiful that it could bring a tear to an envious eye. Little League fields have that innocence to them with 7-, 8-, 9-year-olds roaming the outfields, not really sure of exactly what...
October 13, 2004
Pine School colors have always been green and white. This year, thanks to generous donations of seed, fertilizer, equipment and man-hours from some very caring people, it will be greener than ever. In September, the school's athletic field was leveled, fertilized and re-seeded. Pipes and sprinklers were brought in for irrigating. Last week the first sheen of green from the young shoots of grass began appearing. The staff and students of Pine School, the Pine Community Club and Holtville Unified School District would like to thank everyone who donated to the recent work done at Pine School.
By RUDY YNIGUEZ, Staff Writer | June 18, 2004
BRAWLEY ? Elephant grass is on its way. It's a new forage crop being studied at the Imperial Valley Research Center here and at California State University, Fresno, under the auspices of the CSU Agricultural Research Initiative. The grass has been patented as Promor A. It came from Brazil in 1993. Overseeing the project locally is Morton S. Rothberg, a tropical agronomist who has spent decades overseas. He has studied elephant grass, also known as Napier grass ? and by its biological name, pennisetum ?
February 4, 2004
A "keep it simple" Zulu story about political animals and their unbeing: The cynic proclaimed: "The system is dumb. There's nothing we can do about it. " The grubby added: "So let's get ours. If we don't get it, someone else will. " So it was that government was reduced to a big piece of cheese. Nearby the people lurked in the shadows waiting for the chance to get a "piece of the action. " Yes, Virginia, the cynic was with them as he continued to "grease the skids" with his resignation.
November 1, 2003
> > Never mind the late-night study sessions, essays, finals and tuition. Lying about your education is a lot cheaper and easier. Plus you'll never have to be bothered by those pesky callers seeking alumni donations. While buzzing around Calipatria's alfalfa fields the ?Fly heard that a soon-to-be public official allegedly told a candidate for the Calipatria school board to tell this newspaper's editorial board that she graduated from college when she didn't. Apparently this official thinks locals won't take someone seriously if the people don't possess a bachelor's degree.
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