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Sexual Harassment

January 30, 2002
I commend the Imperial Valley Press for excellent and informative news coverage concerning the San Diego County Water Authority. However, I am offended by both the front-page article, as well as your editorial, regarding the appointment of Grace Sesma as one of their representatives in our community. Although praised, in a "round-about-fashion" your articles left the district impression that filing sexual harassment charges makes her less viable for this position Mr. Gauna was tried, convicted and served time for a crime clearly committed.
June 13, 2006
Tom Mazeroll?s remark was rude, inappropriate, uncouth, and unacceptable. It is unthinkable this day and age that such a sexual harassment remark would be made ? especially by a councilman ? and replying that this remark was made based on an earlier comment regarding ?inappropriate dress? by female City Hall employees is totally indefensible. Councilman Mazeroll?s remark was offensive to women everywhere. To say that Marlene Best?s ?t?s? got her the Imperial city manager?s job, is an affront to all women.
By MARC SCHANZ, Staff Writer | September 29, 2004
Imperial County's former executive officer has served her former employer with a federal lawsuit, alleging widespread violations of labor codes, harassment and violating the Family and Medical Leave Act. In a copy of the federal complaint obtained by the Imperial Valley Press, Capela alleges the circumstances of her firing were discriminatory because of a physical/mental disability related to stress at work. Capela has been immersed in a longstanding workers' compensation claim against the county that was last discussed by the Board of Supervisors in April in closed session.
Enter a Marilyn Monroe impersonator and Bob Filner's Theater of the Absurd is in full stage production, out of dress rehearsal and under the real lights. On Friday, the ninth woman to come forward with accusations of sexual harassment is an impersonator of the famous long-dead blonde bombshell and latest explosion in a scandal that just seems to be getting worse and more surreal for the San Diego mayor and longtime Imperial Valley congressman. Filner is making a mockery of the city of San Diego, himself and doing a fine job of erasing all the good will he has gained in more than 30 years of public service.
March 9, 2006
> > 50 years ago ? ?Operation Dust Off? for Valley housewives began after 54 mph winds left thin brown coats on floors and furnishings. Auto paint shops expect their businesses to boom after the sand-pelting of car finishes in desert areas. > > 40 years ago ? An appeal was made for the return of a Japanese figurine taken from a floral art exhibit at the California Mid-Winter Fair. The figurine, of sentimental value, was taken from the prize-winning Beta Sigma Phi chapter booth.
By MARIO RENTERÍA, Staff Writer | April 26, 2001
CALEXICO ? With the aid of several public agencies, the Imperial Valley Youth Empowerment Coalition will be staging the "Transforming Communities Through Our Youth 2001," at San Diego State University-Imperial Valley campus here on Saturday. The conference is aimed at empowering Valley youth through awareness, prevention and leadership skills and to empower young people to become advocates of healthy and positive lifestyles. "Hopefully the exposure given to them by the different participating agencies in this conference will give our Valley youth a sense of direction and hopefully they can transition from teen-agers to young adults through different prevention techniques and awareness," said Frank Marquez, chairman of the Youth Empowerment Coalition.
February 26, 2002
I had to respond to John Garcia's attempt at character assassination of Supervisor Wally Leimgruber. He accused Wally of having something to do with a shortage of ballots in the last supervisor's race. Wally had no control over the number of ballots and besides the ballots could have been reproduced for voting purposes by the precincts. He called Wally lazy. Now I know he doesn't know anything about him. The fact is Wally puts in about a 70-hour week and a six-day week most of the time.
By MARC SCHANZ, Staff Writer | November 23, 2004
CALEXICO ? Javier Gonzalez, the embattled director of the city's Parks and Recreation Department, will find out by Dec. 3 if he still has a job here. "They'll either reinstate me or let me go at this point," Gonzalez said Monday. Gonzalez has been on leave from the city since July, when his keys were taken by Interim City Manager Luis Estrada. He is awaiting word from city staff regarding an investigation surrounding various charges stemming from a sexual harassment charge levied by a department co-worker.
By MARC SCHANZ,Staff Writer | December 31, 2004
CALEXICO ? While the City Council here is trumpeting new visions and ideas heading into the new year, it has remained silent on a controversy involving an outspoken former department head who has been at odds with the city since being placed on leave this summer. Javier Gonzalez, the city director of parks and recreation, was fired by Interim City Manager Luis Estrada in November. A uniformed Calexico police officer delivered the notice, the day before Thanksgiving. The notice was signed by Estrada.
By ANTOINE ABOU-DIWAN, Staff Writer | July 30, 2013
Reduction of prison sexual abuse, social services initiatives and overlapping ZIP codes at the Salton Sea are just some of the items on Tuesday's Imperial County Board of Supervisors agenda. A memorandum of understanding between the Imperial County Probation Department and the Sure Helpline Crisis Center is up for a vote. If approved, both agencies will collaborate to implement federal zero-tolerance guidelines against sexual assaults and rapes of inmates of any age. These guidelines require all public employees, service providers and volunteers who may have contact with youth inmates to be trained in how to detect and respond to sexual abuse and harassment, or the potential of such.
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