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Sexual Predators

Staff Writer We bring them into this world, we feed them, clothe them and love them and then more than that, we try to protect them from the dangers of this world. They are our children and now more than ever, many parents report feeling under siege by what they perceive to be the constant threat of "stranger danger" to their children. In a San Diego courtroom a seemingly benign middle-aged design engineer is on trial, accused of murdering 7-year-old Danielle van Dam, who went missing from her Sabre Springs home the first week of February and turned up dead by the side of a road in East County weeks later.
April 14, 2006
You?ve really got to hand it to Assemblyman Juan Vargas, D-National City. Locked in a contentious primary election with Rep. Bob Filner, the Democratic incumbent in the 51st District, Vargas must somehow break through the clutter with his ?time for a change? mantra, but he doesn?t want to be too transparently political about it. The last time we heard from him here in the Imperial Valley, the topic was unregistered sexual predators, a sure-fire way to attract attention at election time or any other time.
By RUDY YNIGUEZ, Staff Writer | May 17, 2001
The El Centro City Council voted to seek political ties to the west and break those with the north. On a 4-1 vote, the council authorized City Councilman Larry Grogan to attend an upcoming county public hearing on state Senate and Assembly redistricting and formally declare the council's position. Voting for the realignment were Grogan and council members Jack Dunnam, Jack Terrazas and Mayor Cheryl Walker. Voting nay was councilman David Dhillon, who said the county has more in common with the Coachella Valley on such issues as schools, agriculture, water, desert, the Salton Sea and highways.
May 10, 2005
I wanted to address a serious accusation made by a concerned parent not long ago. This parent wrote a comment to PROBE in which she accused the El Centro Police Department of a lack of traffic enforcement in area schools. It is probably safe to say this writer hasn't noticed the growth in our city or for that matter in all the cities of Imperial County. The person who wrote to PROBE stated officers are not around schools during the peak hour because their briefings are held at the same time.
Maybe we can’t throw away the key when we lock up child molesters, but we certainly can lose the key for much longer stretches of time. Child molesters tend to re-offend, studies have shown, and they also get out of prison faster than many other inmates because they tend to stay out of trouble while in lockup. So the only answer in dealing with child molesters may be laws requiring longer sentences … much longer sentences. All of this became that much clearer after a body believed to be that of 17-year-old Chelsea King of Poway was found Tuesday in a Rancho Bernardo park where she had gone for a jog last week.
By RUDY YNIGUEZ,Staff Writer | January 7, 2006
Caution appears to be the most common reaction by local politicians to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger?s State of the State address Thursday night. El Centro Mayor Sedalia Sanders said while she welcomes increased spending on infrastructure, the governor?s proposal to obtain the needed billions of dollars for that infrastructure by selling bonds is similar to what was done in recent years. ?I did not hear a payment plan for those bonds,? Sanders said Friday. She also wondered where the state?
By SILVIO J. PANTA, Staff Writer | March 7, 2008
Tom Bassano is a man on a mission. The 37-year-old Tampa Bay, Fla., resident has run 26.2-mile marathons before but nothing compares to the task he has set for himself: to run 3,114 miles across the country and raise awareness about the threat sexual predators pose to children. The plain-spoken father of three took a much-needed break at a local El Centro motel Wednesday night to sleep a few hours before resuming his trek early Thursday morning. ?I figure everybody can do something,?
March 31, 2002
??Crisis" was a Catholic magazine before the crisis of priests as sexual predators made headlines. In the April issue of the magazine, co-founder Ralph McInerny offers an explanation for the scandal that has captured the attention of the media, for the most part no friend to religion unless it's wrapped in earthly agendas approved by mostly pagan ??bishops" at The New York Times and the networks. McInerny believes that the Catholic Church in America has a problem with some priests molesting children because ?
By DARREN SIMON, Staff Writer | June 1, 2007
As an Imperial County supervisor and as president of the Salton Sea Authority, Gary Wyatt has found himself at the center of critical issues that will impact the Valley?s future. Last week California Resources Agency Secretary Michael Chrisman released a final preferred alternative for restoring the sea, and that plan has been submitted to the Legislature. The Imperial Valley Press spoke to Wyatt about his thoughts of the future of the sea in relation to the restoration alternative that has been presented.
By BRIANNA LUSK,Staff Writer | July 30, 2006
When Tony Gallegos raised his four children in Brawley, he never really considered whether they would be safe playing on the city streets or visiting a neighbor?s house alone. Now as a grandfather and great-grandfather, Gallegos said a recent news program documenting the capture of online sexual predators concerned him. Gallegos began to wonder about the number of sex offenders in the Imperial Valley and what was being done to keep track of them. ?It worried me,? Gallegos, 60, said.
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