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By HEATHER BREMNER, Staff Writer | May 26, 2004
CALEXICO ? Alicia Serna is not exactly looking forward to September, when the full-time teacher's aide begins her teaching credential program. This summer she's finishing her undergraduate studies at San Diego State University-Imperial Valley campus. In the fall she'll be met with more than simply a new schedule. The California State University System Board of Trustees voted Thursday to increase undergraduate tuition by 14 percent, 20 percent for qualified teacher credential program participants, 25 percent for other post-baccalaureate and graduate students and 20 percent for non-resident students.
By ROMAN FLORES | Staff Writer | July 17, 2011
The shock and disappointment hasn't worn off for locals in the know about the pay increase of the new San Diego State University president and the California State University tuition hike for all CSU students coming this fall. The California State University board of trustees meeting Tuesday approved a $100,000 pay increase for the position of SDSU president. According to the Los Angeles Times, the annual salary of former SDSU President Stephen Weber was $299,435 while new SDSU President Elliot Hirshman will receive about $400,000, $350,000 from the state.
May 5, 2006
Every literate adult knows that the current spike in gas prices is 90 percent due to forces completely beyond the control of Congress, the White House or even ?Big Oil? itself. The laws of supply and demand determine gas prices the same way those laws determine the price of eggs, acid-washed blue jeans and Kanye West downloads. What determines the price of college tuition? It certainly isn?t the quality of the product ? as copiously demonstrated in David Horowitz?s new book, ?The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America.
WASHINGTON, D.C. ? Congressman Bob Filner voted Friday for legislation to address the soaring price of college tuition and remove other obstacles that make it harder for qualified students to go to college. By an overwhelming bipartisan vote of 354 to 58, the House approved the College Opportunity and Affordability Act (H.R. 4137), which would seek to reform and strengthen the nation?s higher education programs to ensure that they operate in the best interests of students and families.
By GREG HOLT, Staff Writer | September 29, 2006
For a long time, California has provided affordable higher education options to its residents that have set the example for the rest of the world. In recent years, however, the Legislature has clearly been more concerned with the affordability of community colleges than it has been with the state?s two public university systems. Imperial Valley College has planned to lower its enrollment fee from $26 per credit to $20 per credit starting next year. Most classes consist of three credits, so the cost of such a class will drop from $78 to $60. ?
February 5, 2003
Allthough Gov. Gray Davis' budget cuts have yet to become a reality, California's fiscal crisis has hit home in a number of ways. Through the potential for local cities to lose much-needed funding, to billions in dollars of cuts to K-12 education, the belts around this county already are tightening. Another troublesome bit of fallout is hitting post-high school education. As part of Davis' effort to slash expenditures he's proposed fee increases to the California Community College and the California State University systems.
San Diego State University-Imperial Valley campus is offering scholarships to eligible applicants. High school seniors interested in completing bachelor degrees in psychology, criminal justice or liberal studies are encouraged to apply. Free financial aid assistance is available and free tuition scholarships will be offered. Informational student/parent workshops will be held at local high schools. Contact freshman recruiter Norma A. Aguilar at 768-5637 or Arthur Araujo, freshman program office at 768-5668.
Imperial Valley Press Staff | November 16, 2011
The California State University trustees have approved a nine percent fee hike, bringing the average tuition up by nearly $500 a year. The board met Wednesday to discuss the fee increase, reported the Sacramento Bee. The trustees had to reconvene their meeting in a different room following an outburst of protestors in their normal meeting area in Long Beach. Four people were arrested after protestors broke a glass door, injuring three police officers. One was a Cal State Long Beach student, two are San Diego State students and the other was not identified, reported the Bee.
August 15, 2002
student aid fund SACRAMENTO (AP) ? The battle over the state budget has threatened financial assistance for thousands of college students who rely on the nation's biggest state scholarship for needy students. More than $212 million in Cal Grant funds have been held up by the budget crisis. The fund assists all low-income college students with at least a C average. The money is usually handed out the first week of August. But with the state's budget crisis entering its second month, the funds have yet to be sent to California's 300 colleges and universities.
By MEGAN GLENN, Staff Writer | July 15, 2009
While on its face, cutting student enrollment in California?s higher education system would seem to eliminate a source of funding, in reality student fees only cover one-third of the costs of instructing. According the main Web site for the California State University system, the state paid $2.87 billion toward the CSUs, and has cut that down to $1.6 billion for the 2009-2010 fiscal year. The $1.6 billion is about 67 percent of the CSU system?s $2.387 billion general fund. In addition, the biggest cost for the schools is labor, which takes up 86 percent of the budget.
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